The way Facebook Ads is structured may look complicated at first sight, but after a more in-depth look, its organization it’s logical and easy to get.

That’s the reason why we thing it’s useful to specify a structure and the steps to be taken.

First of all, we need to choose the campaign objective, there are 3 types of goals depending on the stage of your social media marketing.

Awareness: People are either completely unfamiliar with your brand or product, or are unaware that they have a pain point that needs to be solved.

Consideration: People are either becoming familiar with your brand or product or recognize that they have a pain point and are researching options to solve their current problem/challenge.

Conversion: People are familiar with your brand or product and are ready to purchase from you, or they have identified a solution to their problem and are ready to purchase a product.

The objective of a campaign is to define its purpose to optimize its efficiency.

Once you’ve created your campaign, you can add as many ad sets you want within your campaign.

What is an ad set?
Each Ad set within a campaign is aimed to target a specific audience.

That means that in the same campaign you can target as many audiences that your budget can afford.

The objective of an ad set is to identify profitable and non-profitable audiences.

Depending on the campaign the metric to measure the results may differ.

Once the ad set is created with the audience to target, you can now add as many ads you want. depending on your buidget.

Each Ad is composed of a headline, a description, an image and a call to action.