American Construction

Project Overview

American Construction & Engineering Co. (ACE) is American company based in South Beach Miami; it specializes in concrete restoration, glass railing systems, balcony and facade restoration, waterproofing, caulking, epoxy and grout injection, chemical cleaning and exterior.

Since its inception, ACE has built a network of developers to participate in the exponential growth of Miami real estate development.

In 2017, Hurricane Irma strikes the whole Caribbean region including Miami causing a lot of material damage, with this unexpected event ACE decided to restructure its activity by specializing in restoration of condominium components typically damaged during Hurricane Irma.

Sharpedges Media involvements in this project included Web Design and Development, Brochures and Reports Design.


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Project Details

The challenge to make its core activity as simple as possible. Indeed most of the damages caused by the Hurricane on condominium units are not visible by owners.

The target audience is Board Members of Condominium Associations who have a fiduciary duty to ensure owners’ interests are protected.  Fortunately, condominiums carry Replacement Value Insurance which often results in structurally damaged windows and doors being replaced with top of the line new Impact Windows and Doors.
ACE’s Team recover the maximum insurance settlement before your claim expires and the owners end up paying for damages that went unnoticed and unrecovered.

Sharpedges Media took the time to understand these information to showcase those pieces of information in the simplest possible way to inform the Board Members of their rights and explain the recovery process.

Sharpedges Media also designed all the brochures given to the board members at each meeting to explain the process.