Project Overview


CityCarts is a golf cart rental company located in South Beach Miami; it provides a fun way to get around Miami Beach with open-air vehicles that allow you to enjoy the fresh island and drive around unique attractions.

CityCarts has been operating since 2009, and take great pride in being the only Golf Cart rental company in South that replaces the entire rental fleet each year.

With a constant need to improve, CityCarts turned to Sharpedges Media to digitalize its business and accelerate its growth.

Sharpedges Media designed and implemented CityCarts’ website including the logo.

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Project Details


CityCarts has been operating for almost a decade now and based its growth on word of mouth, and billboards displayed on each golf cart. That means that all the bookings are made by phone, and payment processed at pickup that requires time and organization, this proved to be a constraint for growth.

That’s the reason why CityCarts wanted to digitalize its business to accelerate its growth.

To achieve this, Sharpedges Media designed a new logo and a customized responsive website with the goal of encouraging potential customers to book their Golf Cart online. Because golf cart rental isn’t something familiar for the target audience, the main focus is to have a homepage that clearly explains the service provided with frictionless booking experience.