T-Shirt Gaming Shop

Project Overview

T-Shirt Gaming is an online shop with the vision to spread fun by turning an everyday t-shirt into a colorful design piece.
T-shirts Gaming features a variety of models and designs, using a broad spectrum of color and original designs.

T-Shirt Gaming challenged Sharpedges Media, to organize all the logistics for its online shop and launch its project.

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Project Details

At this moment, T-shirt Gaming had just the designs, so Sharpedges Media in addition to building the online shop had to find a supplier to produce the t-shirts.
The easiest way to launch the project was to work with a print on demand drop shipping services that will produce t-shirts at each order, so the benefit is pretty clear: no costs and no stocks.

Sharpedges Media considered this and built a website with integration with a print on demand service that will enable T-Shirt Gaming to focus on what they do the best: Create unique designs.