Project Overview


Founded in 2013, Wod Element is a pioneer in Spanish Crossfit community and has participated actively in the emergence of this sport.
They started with Crossfit boxes and with the growing demand for Crossfit outfits they decided to launch their first bricks and mortar in Madrid.

With several Crossfit Gym and physical stores, Wod Element is a major actor of the Crossfit community in Spain.

With a constant need to improve, they decided to expand their activities out of Spain with an online shop.

Therefore they challenged Sharpedges Media to help them reach their goal.

Sharpedges Media involvements in this project included branding, logo design, e-commerce store, content marketing, Instagram.

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Project Details


The first thing required was to design a new logo, indeed since its inception, the Wod Element hasn’t changed, so it was essential to modernize it.

The Crossfit is a global phenomenon which led to increase even more in the years to come.
However, Crossfit today has the image of a purely masculine discipline, and it was essential to break this image.
The main reason is that it doesn’t reflect the reality and also because it is an opportunity to stand out from the competition by making it accessible as much for men as for women.
That was the primary guideline imposed by Sharpedges Media concerning the branding.

The second step was to implement a custom e-commerce solution that can be easily managed by the Wod Element’s team.
Sharpedges Media built the solution on Shopify because it’s the best platform for online shops.
The design of the website reflects the branding which consists of making Crossfit accessible even for beginners.

Since the website is online, Sharpedges Media is in charge of important updates on the sales period and is managing the Instagram account.

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